PVBA was founded by myself when it became apparent to me through my vet clinic and shelter work that there was a gap in animal care that needed to be filled. I knew that there were many wonderful rescues about helping stray and abandoned animals, but no one that was offering help to pet owners who were suddenly faced with an animal crisis while they were financially in hardship. Too many animals are surrendered to rescues, prematurely euthanised, or left to suffer only because a bill cant be paid. 


I believe that as a community we can join together and lend assistance to those who are caring pet owners who just need a bit of financial help and/or pet ownership education. We have so many wonderful active animal lovers in our state that are always willing to help out, all we need to do is raise the awareness of cases in need. 


PVBA has strict rules and guidelines to ensure that all money paid goes direct to vet clinics and that vet clinics offer generous discounts to ensure the donations of members can help as many cases as possible and finds the most urgent and genuine cases to help. 

We established in February 2014 and have grown so much since then. We hope that, with your help, we can really make a big difference to the way pets in the state of Western Australia are cared for in the future. 

Together we can make a difference :) 


Tammy Rodrigues