Our aim is to help pets that are experiencing illness or injury who are being left untreated due to their owners being unfinancial to get the medical attention that is required to relieve them of pain and suffering. 

We aim to raise funding by means of donations from the public and fundraiser events and will redistribute those funds to the cases that we take on. 


In doing this we will: 


 - Reduce the amount of animals who are prematurely euthanized


 - Reduce the amount of animals who are surrendered to shleters


 - Reduce the amount of animals who are left to suffer pain from illness  or accidents


 - Increase awareness of local council and state animal laws to increase   public participation in abiding by these laws


 - Assist veterinary clinics to take on cases that might normally be turned  away due to pet owner financial constraints


 - Raise awareness of responsible pet ownership in regards to  sterilisation, identification, parasite control, nutritional advice, and  hygeine 




- We assess each case based on urgency, the condition of the animal, and the situation surrounding the case. Approval or rejection of each case is finalised by PVBA.


- Our focus is on households who are suffering financial hardship and are unable to raise the funds any other way. We will suggest other methods such as vetpay, credit and loans be utilised first.


- As there is already a great network of support for shelter animals, we choose to remain only focused on owned animals.

- Payment for approved cases will go directly to a veterinary clinic only. We do not pay any funds to the public and we do not pay for past veterinary care.


- Wherever possible, we support responsible ownership in the form of ensuring all pets are sterilised, identified, and registered. If an unsterilised animal goes in for surgery, we will ask that the owner allows us to have it sterilised.


- We do not assist animal breeders with costs as we see them as a business, not a pet owner. 


- We do not help the same animal or family twice. We aim to educate all our cases on the importance of pet insurance going forward so that in the event of a future incident their costs are covered.