Our Team. ​

These are the current committee members of PVBA. Hardworking, dedicated, and honest. Our values shine through in our efforts to make PVBA a charity that grows and reaches all those who need it most. We have quarterly meetings and would love for you to join us at these to meet all of us, share your ideas and possibly join our team.


Hi, I'm Tammy, founder of PVBA.
I have worked as a registered qualified Veterninary Nurse in the past. I also worked for Perths largest cat rescue, and remain a foster carer and events volunteer for them even now. I own 4 cats of my own, and board cats for friends and family in my home. Some say I am a crazy cat lady, to which i reply "thank you for the compliment". 
I love all animals but have to say that horses, ferrets, and reptiles are all ones I would love to have in my life if I had the opportunity.

I work full time but PVBA is my 24/7 passion, I would love to win lotto so I could put all my time and energy into making PVBA the huge organisation I feel it has potential to be, then we could help every person and pet who needs us.


Hi! I'm Jasmine, I have a passion for all animals and in my spare time am usually hand rearing abandoned kittens for cat haven and fostering orphan cats. I also volunteer with 'Riding for the Disabled', a role I enjoy thoroughly as I love horse riding and get satisfaction from seeing the children I work with smile from the heart. 
I hold a certs in both Community Service and Business Administration so really enjoy applying those to my secretarial role in PVBA. 

Committee Member

If you attend any pet event where PVBA has a stand, you will be sure to meet me, Tammy D, I am part of the PVBA events committee and have been with PVBA since it established.
I love interacting with animals and their owners and it is not uncommon to see me giving someones dog a great big cuddle in front of the PVBA merch stand.

My other interests include volunteering for Legacy and working at kids Legacy Camps. I own two beautiful cats of my own, Frankie and my old girl, Tilly. 

Vice President

Hi, Jackie here. Excited to take on the role of Vice President and looking forward to sharing new ideas. I have always had pets in my life and understand how much they are part of the family and how much it means to us that they are well cared for. As someone on a disability pension I am empathetic towards people who love their animals dearly but who might not always have the means to afford emergency vet treatment. After being a PVBA recipient, I decided to volunteer my time and labour to help pay it forward. 


Im Tracey, im a tad camera shy so this is a photo of two of my treasures, Dafnee and Kobi. I am a dedicated animal owner who has 6 cats, 1 dog, and 2 Parrots (28's who cant fly), all these animals were rescues. 
In my spare time I am studying accounting and bookkeeping at Tafe which I am finding a most enjoyable challenge. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to practice my new learnings on such a worthwhile cause and love being a part of something that is just starting so I can help it to grow. 

Committee Member

My gorgeous best friend here is Archie who also has a sister, Alexis, and I'm Chloe. I have a passion for animals and this has led me to Murdoch University where I am currently studying Veterinary Science. When I heard about PVBA I simply had to be a part of it and was so excited to be voted into the committee. You regularly see me at the PVBA marquee at pet events cuddling all the animals that visit and talking about pet care. 
When I'm not working with or studying animals, or walking my own two lovely dogs, I am enjoying playing guitar and have a love of music.  





Web Master

We are currently looking for a volunteer webmaster. 
Could this be you? 
Or someone you know? 
Please contact us if you are interested.