Responsible Pet Ownership

PVBA is not just about fixing things once they have become a problem, we realise that prevention is better than cure and hope to keep all pets healthy and safe. 

Some people are absolutely wonderful, caring pet owners only they have never been taught all the in's and out's of what is involved in responsibly owning a pet. There are many sources of information where this can be learnt in depth, but we will highlight the following areas and just give a little bit of vital information that will hopefully spark peoples interest to learn more. 


Responsible Pet care Pages: 
1) Pet Insurance
2) Identification

3) Importance of Sterilisation

4) Food & Nutrition 

5) Preventative Care (Parasites and vaccinations)

6) Good Grooming 


One thing we like to remind people is that like humans, animal medicine and health guidelines are always evolving and changing, so it is vital to keep up with the latest news. Dont fall into the trap of relying on old information, things can change so quickly as technology and scientific studies develop. Ask many sources, dont rely on one.