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Online Application
Employment Status
How is your pet visually identified?
Is Your Pet Microchipped?
Is Your Pet Council Registered?
Do you breed from this pet?
PVBA are a charity so can only assist when all other funding options have been exhausted. Please tick which you have already explored:
PVBA require images and updates of your pet in order to create fundraisers and share case progress with our members. Are you able to provide quality, clear photos and written updates should we take your case on?
I understand that PVBA is a charitable organisation who is in no way responsible for the outcome of my pet’s veterinary treatments. I understand that PVBA will only approve treatment that is in the Pets best interest and not partake in treatments which will only prolong suffering. I agree that all supplied images become PVBA property. I undertake to support and regularly donate to PVBA charity.

Thanks for submitting!

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