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For Cat owners the cat act was introduced in November of 2011.

  • It states that all cats must be registered with their local council

  • All cats over the age of 6 months must be microchipped and sterilised unless registered for breeding. 

  • Any cat over the age of 6 months that is transferred to new owners must have been microchipped and sterilised by the previous owner.

  • If the cat is under 6 months of age it must be transferred with a vet clinic voucher to cover the cost of a microchip and sterilisation. This cost is the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer. 

  • It also allows each local council the ability to introduce their own laws regarding responsible cat ownership. These can affect the number of cats allowed in one property and cat curfews.


Please see the Local Council Directory to find your own council to further read what the laws are in your area.

Peeping Dog


The most recent Dog law introduced on 1 November 2015

The Dog Act explains that it is the responsibility of a dog owner to:

  • Stating that all dogs must be microchipped.  

  • Keep your dog under control with a leash in public and contained to a yard at home

  • Ensure that your dog is not making a public nuisance by barking excessively 

  • Remove your dogs' droppings from public areas

  • Be held responsible if your dog attacks (a human or another animal), whether you are present when the attack occurs or not

  • Ensure that your dog is registered with your local council and is wearing its registration tag at all times 

Please refer to your local council pet laws to find out what further rules apply to you regarding maximum dogs allowed per household and other relevant laws. You will find this by visiting the Local Council Directory

PVBA encourages all pet owners to refer to the below links to familiarise themselves with the complete WA Pet Laws. This will ensure you are not liable to large fines and that you are doing the very best by your pet by being a responsible owner. 


Useful links: 



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