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There are two ways to make sure the world knows your pet belongs to you: 

At PVBA we highly recommend that all pet owners make sure BOTH forms of identification are used. 



It is now law in Western Australia that ALL cats over the age of 6 months and dogs over 3 months have a microchip inserted.

This is good news indeed for pounds and shelters who are overflowing with found pets, some of which will never be claimed. Microchips are the size of a grain of rice and they contain all the information that is needed to reunite lost pets with worried owners. When you take your pet to the vet to get a microchip, they will ask you to fill out a form which contains all your details such as name, address, phone number, vet clinic, next of kin, and pets stats. These are then sent to the central data company to be registered. The microchip is inserted via a large needle, it requires no anasthetic, but seeing as it is rather big most vets will prefer to do this when your pet is being sterilised and is under anaesthetic.


There are two microchip companies:

  1. AAR - Australasian Animal Registry

  2. CAR - Central Animal Records


*Should you ever move house or change numbers, dont forget to call the microchip company to update your details. 


The average cost of a Microchip is $50. Be sure to keep an eye out for special Microchipping days and events where vets and shelters will offer Microchips at discounted rates and even for free. 


Please refer to our pet laws page for buying/selling laws on microchipping.



"My pet is microchipped, why would I bother with an ID Tag?"​
This is a question I hear quite a lot. Well, there are many old-school people out there who dont know that microchips exist. Not only that, many people dont want to put an unknown animal into their vehicle to take it to a vet for scanning. Many people will call a pound to collect the pet, the pound will then take the animal and you will be charged for collection. A simple ID tag would mean that the finder could call you to come collect your pet. Not only that, you will get your pet back sooner as it will not have to go through the system. Easy! 

"My pet is indoor only, it doesnt need an ID tag"
I have seen many a lost pet poster for what was an indoor pet that took its opportunity of an adventure and escaped past the door. These are the pets who need ID the most as they are unfamiliar with their territory and more likely to lose their way home. Dont forget to write "I'm and indoor pet, call my owner if found" to increase chances of someone realising this is a lost pet. When my home was broken into and the door smashed, all 4 of my indoor cats got out. We were very lucky that all were wearing ID tags and were returned. You never know what can happen. 

"My pet wont wear a collar" 
Like children, if you have patience and persevere, you will get them used to it. Collars cant be too loose or too tight, either way can be damaging to the animal with collar wounds being very severe if left. Make sure if you own cats that you only use safety collars that release if caught in a tree. 

PVBA recommend the following online ID Tag companies:
1)  Pet
2)  Pet Tags Australia

ID Tags
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